The Ca's professional carpet cleaning tips: pricing


The Ca's professional carpet cleaning tips: pricing

DAVID GREEN: Hi. My name is David Green, and I will talk a littlebit about pricing out our job. 

As far as forour company, we primarily price by the room.There are variations of that where we have;if a room is smaller than a certain size,we will consider it a half-room or if it'slarger than a certain size, we will considerateit as more than one room; and then we do roomspecials .Carpet Cleaning

What's ideal about this is you canprice out most jobs over the phone withouthaving to go out and give an estimate. Theother option, of course, that a lot of companiesdo is square footage pricing where they'reactually measuring everything. As far as--withthis room, it's a fairly large bedroom but,of course, we just would just price this asone room. 

We then price hallways by the linearfoot to where we measure the length and timesthat by our rate. Stairs, we price per step.So for us, the only times we're really measuring,we'll come in with a measuring stick thatrolls along the carpet. 

We will use that todetermine if a room is smaller than a normalroom or larger than a normal room, or, likeI said, the length of hallways. And then wehave a per-room price for our products likesanitizer or carpet protector. And there'squite a few services that you can get intoas you provide a quality service in a thoroughservice or--when you really get into all ofthe things that customers might be in needof to fix certain circumstances or specialcleaning needs. 

And the best way to do thatis to implement a price guidance. With us,between all these services, between carpetsand upholstery, we've got two pages of prices,then we get into about a half page of tilecleaning, half page of air duct cleaning,and about a page of window--about a page anda half between window and blind cleaning.

And what you ultimately have to do is figureout what works best for your market as wellas what works best for you, 'cause prettymuch in any market, they're going to probablyprice things out both ways, depending on thecompany.

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